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English Division

If you are English Division student and you are interested in IFMSA-Lodz here is some useful piece of information:

  • An organization uniting students of medicine and young doctors
  • The biggest students’ association in the world
  • It unites students from 121 countries!

We are:

  • Independent
  • Non- governmental
  • Non- political

What is IFMSA about?

  • Working together for healthier tomorrow
  • By joining IFMSA you can choose the division you want to be part of:
    • SCOPE
    • SCORE
    • SCOME
    • SCOPH
    • SCORA
    • SCORP


  • Standing Comittee on Professional Exchange
  • A division organizing holiday training abroad for 300 members
  • Many interesting places to go :
    • Europe: Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, Greece, Check Republic, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Denmark
    • Middle East: Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain
    • Asia: Indonesia, Korea, Turkey
    • Americas: Brazil, El Salvador, Chile
    • Africa: Ghana, Egypt


  • Standing Committee on Research Exchange
  • Lets 60 members with extensive knowledge of particular subject of medicine to profound it abroad
  • Places you can go to:
    • Europe- Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia
    • Americas- Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil
    • Asia- Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan
    • Africa- Egypt, Tunisia, Oman


  • Standing Committee on Medical Education
  • Creates and improves the learning program
  • Organizes Nationwide Medical Education Days
  • Numerous workshops - ECG, EEG, USG, putting in stitches and others
  • Language workshops
  • Conferences for members


  • Standing Committee on Public Health
  • Carries out pro-health and prevention campaigns, workshops, lectures
  • Antitobacco peer
  • Teddy Bear Hospital


  • Standing Committee on Reproductive Health Including AIDS
  • Fights against HIV, AIDS and other STD
  • Social actions
  • Peer education HIV/AIDS, PWG
  • Streetcar Named Desire


  • Standing Committee on Refugees and Peace
  • Deals with problems of refugees
  • Gains world peace by refugees villages, humanitarian help
  • Campaigns against nuclear war and land mines

We are looking for people who:

  • Have continuous knowledge desire, want to practice medical skills to become better doctors
  • Like to see that what they are doing actually helps someone
  • Have leadership skills, creative ideas and want to share it with everybody
  • Care a lot about personal growth and development

Benefits from joining IFMSA:

  • Team work
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Integration
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Self-development
  • Breaking the borders
  • Creativity

How to join us?

  • Fill in the membership registration form (you can find it HERE named "Deklaracja członkowska" and give it to Paula Zdanowicz)
  • Tel.: +48 506 050 937 | E-mail: sekretarz@lodz.ifmsa.pl
  • Pay 50 zlotys of Membership Fee to Marta Erkiert
  • Tel.: +48 883 659 572 | E-mail: skarbnik@lodz.ifmsa.pl
  • Account number: 57 1050 1953 1000 0023 6789 8737
    Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Studentów Medycyny IFMSA-Poland
    ul. Oczki 1A
    02-007 Warszawa
    In the title write: Membership Fee 2015/2016, Your name and surname

What else can we do for you?

Feel free to contact us and share your ideas!




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